レヴェレンス Reverence
von Rionne McAvoy // 2012 // 120 min // DVD // OmeU // Sceptre Films

mit Koji Katoh, Tsukasa Kawamoto, Takumi Hasuo, Ryuji Katoh

Kunihiko and Keijiro, siblings and assassins, are hired to kill four delegates who threatened to reveal the extent of corruption in the government. Things don’t turn out as expected and soon the brothers find themselves hunted by the police and their clients. Director Rionne McAvoy financed this movie through a crowd funding system. The filming was done on weekends, without official permission but with enthusiastic lay actors.

JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012
JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012
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Date of the 16th JFFH: 27.05.–01.06.2015

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