At the terrace

テラスにて • Terasunite
by Kenji Yamauchi
2016 • 95 min • OmeU • ARTicle Films

with Kei Ishibashi, Kami Hiraiwa, Ryuta Furuya, Kenji Iwaya, Hiroaki Morooka, Takashi Okabe, Atsushi Hashimoto

In the adaptation of the play "Trois Grotesques“, Soejima and his wife Kazumi are invited to a dinner party. During the course of the evening and with increasing alcohol consumption, everyone's carefully worn upper-class mask starts to crumble. While the full-blooded host Kazumi is light-footedly playing the guest out against each other, the party draws to a surprising close. "At the terrace“ takes place solely on the terrace, seeming more like a turbulent chamber play in the tradition of Billy Wilder or Neil Simon – not the worst role models to have.

Text: Katja Welser

► Studio-Kino • Sonntag, 4.6.2017 • 18:00 Uhr


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Programmheft und Timetable

Zum Herunterladen: Die Programmübersicht (Time­table) (PDF, 1 MB) im praktischen DIN-A4-Querformat und das Programmheft (PDF, 12,5 MB) (v5, Stand 21.05.2017).


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