Die rote Schildkröte

レッドタートル ある島の物語 • reddo taatoru aru shima no monogatari
by Michael Dudok de Wit
2016 • 80 min • Keine Dialoge • Central Film

The wheel of life: A man strands on a desert island. A thick bamboo-forest covering its center, grey rocks and yellow sand surrounding it, all in the deep blue sea. Watch the sky turning from it’s light blue into a dark one, shadows getting shorter and shorter during the day, just to elongate again.
With a self-made float the man tries to escape from the island, but his attempts are in vain. A mysterious force always smashes his float. Not until his third try did he discover the reason: A giant red sea turtle. Majestic yet mysteriously floating in the water – and as it follows him ashore, it’s secret is revealed.

Text: Nils Plambeck

► Metropolis Kino • Freitag, 2.6.2017 • 15:30 Uhr


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Programmheft und Timetable

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